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        1. Website of Foshan Yihong Machinery Co., Ltd., hotline: 0757-27889918


          • Yhk-1600 glass cleaning machine
          • YHN-1320B Rock Plate Internal (External) Edge Grinding Machine
          • Rock plate profiled edge grinding machine
          • Rock plate inner round edging machine
          • YHD-1600 Slab chamfering machine
          • Straight edge grinding machine for rock slab
          • Ysh-1520 bilateral edging machine
          Corporate News
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          ABOUT US

          ABOUT US
          Foshan Yihong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Lunjiao town, Shunde District, Foshan City, which is known as the "important town of glass machinery in China". The transportation is very convenient. Since its establishment, the company has been absorbing high-quality professionals and constantly adding high-precision parts production equipment. It is specialized in manufacturing glass edge grinding machines, double-sided edging machines, glass cleaning machines, glass straight-line, bevel, special-shaped machines, round Edge grinding machine, glass drilling machine and other enterprises, with many years of glass machinery production experience, rich team, strong technical force. We are outstanding in specialization, adhere to "customer first" and "reputation first". We are willing to provide reliable performance, excellent quality products and high-quality satisfactory service for our customers. We are dedicated to high-quality products, the most favorable prices, and for the majority of cooperative users to provide the most perfect service, your satisfaction is our pursuit.

          Foshan Yihong Machinery Co., Ltd. all rights reserved    粵ICP備20019812號

          Technical Support:KeZheng
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